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Both Finder and Safari have had some significant changes in Lion, both cosmetically, and under the hood.

In the first part of the tutorial, I take you through some of the principal changes in Finder. The sidebar has had an overhaul and there are some new tricks to learn. The Finder also includes a new way of "grouping" your files by use of the new "Item Arrangement" button. Some significant changes to QuickLook and some brand new features such as "All My Files" and some new ways to move files around using keyboard shortcuts.

I also take a look at AirDrop, a neat way of moving files between Macs using Lion with Zero Configuration - it just works (as long as your WiFi card supports it!).

The Finder section finishes off with the answer to the "missing" Library folder as well as some tips on accessing your Library folder in Time Machine.

Safari has some new features to explore too! A brand new downloading mechanism - there's now a pop up panel rather than a downloading window, and this section explains how to get the most out of it. As well, as Reading List - a new bookmarks manager. Not too impressive on this first release but with a lot of potential. As an added bonus, I also include a section on the new "Lion Recovery Disk Assistant" If you didn't manage to create an Installer disk during the original install process and you haven't got a copy of Lion to recover from, this is for you!"

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