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Two parts to this week's tutorial - FlashBack & ScreenFlow Part 2

FlashBack Malware - Due to the recent controversy surrounding the discovery of this "drive-by-download" malware on Macs, I take a brief look at the problem and how you can protect yourself now, and in the future.

ScreenFlow Part 2 - Part 2 of one of the most requested subjects this week - ScreenFlow by Telestream.

ScreenFlow is the premier video screencasting tool, the main application I use to record, edit and encode the weekly ScreenCastOnline shows.

Recently I moved from a workflow including various video editing and recording applications to using ScreenFlow on its own. It's matured into a highly capable and feature rich package, enabling anyone to create their own screencasts to share with friends, family and colleagues. Use it for personal or business use, you'll be amazed at just how useful it can become.

This is the second in a series of Screenflow tutorials that will enable you to become a screencast expert.

The tutorial takes you through using some of the core features of ScreenFlow, demonstrating how to apply effects and changes to your video and audio clips. I also take you through some of the magic of ScreenFlow and demonstrate how you can start to manipulate specific layers of your ScreenFlow video capture, looking at Screen Recording Actions to manipulate the mouse pointer and display keyboard entries on the screen.

This full tutorial includes sections on:

  • FlashBack Malware Support Note
    • Checking For The Malware
    • Protecting for the future
  • ScreenFlow Part 2
    • Video Properties
    • Using Video Actions
    • Audio Properties
    • Using Audio Actions
    • Screen Recording Properties
    • Using Screen Recording Actions


Rich Mogul - Macworld Article FlashBack Checker

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Ken O'Brien

As always, an extremely informative show. I've downloaded the software and started playing with ScreenFlow, and was simply amazed at how easy it iis to use (for my admittedly limited purpose of showing my wife how to do something on the iMac). But, full credit to Don here for giving me the confidence to even try it in the first place.

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