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A public service announcement this week!

OK, perhaps not, but it sure feels like it. I've abandoned my schedule this week to bring you details of two outstanding Mac bundles that could save you a ton of cash.

To be honest though, it's not really the savings but more the fact that the bundles contain some of the finest Mac software available and I really don't want you to miss out on the opportunity of buying these applications at amazing prices. But for one of the bundles, you'll need to move very fast as it finishes on the 18th December 2008. To get the message out to the widest audience, this weeks show is not the scheduled members only show, so I'll be doing a couple of members shows in sequence in a couple of weeks.

Mac Switcher Bundle

The first bundle is the Mac Switcher Bundle which contains ScreenCastsOnline favourites 1Password, TextExpander and Witch.

For full disclosure I should point out that I've also contributed 10 ScreenCastsOnline videos from the archive, all aimed at the new mac switcher. As I've covered both 1Password and TextExpander in previous episodes I've mentioned them in passing, but as Witch has not been covered before I've done a full section on Witch.

Witch is a super window switcher for the Mac. Why do we need a window switcher when we already have Expose? Well, Witch allows you to switch between open and minimised windows of all running applications via the keyboard.

Four Safari windows open? Switch seamlessly between them with a few simple keystokes.

Witch displays an on-screen panel allowing you to see all open or minimised windows and navigate between them using the keyboard or even the scrollwheel on you mouse.

Check out the Mac Switcher Bundle here for links to all the applications. The bundle is available util 31st January 2008

MacUpdate Holiday Bundle

The second bundle is one you need to move fast on if you want to get it!

Containing applications we've covered before, new applications and updated applications, the MacUpdate Holiday Bundle is 10 applications at a killer price! I think it's fair to say that several of the applications are worth the price of the bundle individually if not more.

The bundle comprises the full versions of Rapidweaver, Drive Genius 2, Default Folder X, KeyCue, VirusBarrier 5, Little Snitch, WhatSize, MacPilot, iVolume and MacGourmet Deluxe.

The show gives a brief explanation of each application drilling into more detail for Drive Genius 2, Default Folder X, KeyCue, VirusBarrier 5, Little Snitch and WhatSize. Rapidweaver 4 will be explored in a full show in the new year so it may be worth snagging your copy now!

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