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Revisiting an old favourite this week, and that's Hazel v3.

Hazel is your own personal housekeeper, constantly monitoring the files and folder you instruct. Set up some simple (or complex) rules on how you want your files and folder organised, and Hazel will do it for you.

As well as the powerful yet flexible file and folder management, Hazel will also monitor your Trash, keeping it within preset limits and assist you in deleting supporting files when uninstalling applications.

Although I've covered Hazel before, this tutorial includes both a refresher on basic Hazel functionality, as well as a look at some of the new features introduced in the new release.

The tutorial takes you through setting up rules and gives you some simple and some sophisticated examples to create your own workflows.

This full tutorial includes sections on:

  • Introduction to Hazel
  • Sample Rules
  • Creating A New Rule
  • Tidying Your Desktop
  • Using Filenames
  • Example Renaming Workflow
  • New - Scheduling Rules
  • New - Importing Photos
  • New - Sync Folders
  • Managing Your Trash
  • App Sweep

Video Tutorial Comments

(9 comments posted)

Hi Don

Thanks for another great show. Do you know a rule that will allow me to check whether a folder has had a file deleted from it?

Many thanks



Not sure about that one Alan, might be worth checking out the Noodlesoft Forums -

Frank Petrie

Hazel + TextExpander! Brilliant! Can I ship my MBP to you and you could set it up?


Sure Frank, note sure how long it will take to get it back to your though ;-)

Mike Grace

Brilliant show - tried Hazel once but couldn't get on with it but after this show I will definitely give it another go.

Pierre Belance

Same here. Downloaded the trial and loving it. I think there should be a warning on any of Don's screencasts tutorials: It could cost you money to view this tutorial! Lol Great one Don. Keep them coming.

Ken O'Brien

Another terrific show. I already have Hazel and Text Expander installed, but this shows me a lot of things which hadn't occurred to me. Thanks Don!

Natasha Mallone

Hi Don, I love your screencasts. I think just hearing your voice, and how well you explain everything has become my zen-time. I recently downloaded Hazel, and I've looked for support from all over the Internet. Your screencast is the only place that hasn't made Hazel completely scary for a non-programmer like me. I can't tell you how much I appreciate how well you do your job. I look forward to learning from many more of your screencasts.


Thanks Natasha, I appreciate the feedback!

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