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One of the most anticipated shows this week and that's the new iMovie '09 update.

Apple really upset a lot of people back in 2007 (yes, it really was that long ago!) with the release of iMovie '08. The application was a complete re-write of the original iMovie HD application, re-engineered to make movie making quick and easy. Unfortunately, along the way Apple managed to leave out a ton of features from iMovie '08, generating a lot of bad press and even more bad feeling amongst the mac faithful. So have Apple capitulated with iMovie '09 and gone back to a more traditional approach to movie making?

An emphatic NO!!

What they have done is to take the principles first introduced with iMovie '08 and make iMovie '09 even more powerful. As well as that, they've also started to add back in some of the features, so sorely missed from iMovie HD. As there is so much to cover in iMovie '09, I'm publishing two tutorials, starting with part 1 this week.

This first part covers some of the new features of iMovie '09 including one feature that will appease most of the nay-sayers and that's the brand new ""Precision Editor"", a great way to visually edit your project footage in what can only be described as a visual timeline.

This week show also covers:

  • Introduction to iMovie '09
  • Importing Footage
  • Archiving Footage to Hard Disk
  • Viewing Events & Projects
  • Editing in iMovie 09
  • Adjusting Clip Properties
  • Image Stabilisation
  • Video & Audio Inspectors
  • Precision Editor - Basics
  • Audio Editing using the Precision Editor
  • Editing Transitions with the Precision Editor

To get the most out of this weeks show, I strongly suggest you re-visit the original iMovie '08 tutorials for a good grounding in some of the basic principals. Instead of starting from scratch, this weeks show assumes a level of knowledge of iMovie '08, which you can pick up from the original shows.

Checkout the special section in the show describing the three ways to access the previous iMovie tutorials.

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