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Apple have invested a huge amount of time and resources to make this version of iMovie the best ever with respect to the ease at which you can create quite literally stunning effects.

Part 1 of the iMovie 09 update focussed mainly on some of the new techniques required to master the clip editing features of iMovie 09. In this weeks show, we take a look at the stuff that give it the wow factor. Apple have brought back themes to allow you to create some simply incredible openings, transitions and credits. Titles and transitions abound with real time previews and inspectors galore, giving you incredible control on how your final movie looks.

Brand new for this version is the inclusion of animated travel maps and globes allowing you to create gorgeous animated openings and transitions for your travelog movies. Effects that previously were out of reach of the average videographer. And that's before we even get onto the advanced topics!

Chapter marks are back allowing you to seamlessly integrate with iDVD, but also allowing you to add chapters into your quicktime movies intended for the iPhone, iPod touch or Apple TV. A new addition is the inclusion of comment marks, allowing you to place markers at strategic places in your movie enabling easy navigation during editing.

Apple have included some additional techniques to allow you to control exactly how your movies look, delivering advanced movie editing with a simple drag and drop approach. Advanced editing such as cutaways, picture in picture, even green screen effects are now available to you via drag and drop.

This weeks show looks at all these features in depth to allow you to understand how and when to use the multitude of new tools available to you.

The show covers:

  • Transitions - Selecting and Previewing
  • Using Titles as Overlays
  • Titles and Backgrounds
  • Selecting Themes
  • Updating Multipane Theme Transitions
  • Animated Travel Maps
  • Advanced Tools
  • Selection
  • Placing Chapter & Comment Markers
  • Searching Chapter & Comment Markers
  • Explaining and Demonstrating Advanced Tools
  • Cutaway
  • Picture in Picture
  • Green Screen

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