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Following on from episode 278, the week's show rounds off a look at some of the new features of Apple's consumer video editing package - iMovie '11.

Heavily criticised following the complete re-write of iMovie since iMovie HD, Apple has been diligently returning features to the application on each release, and with the launch of iMovie '11, has exceeded the capabilities of the original iMovie HD in most areas.

This week's show is the second in a two part show bringing you up to speed with some of the new features of iMovie '11 One of the main issues people tend to have when using iMovie '11 is the lack of control over the playhead. You position it in one place, and then move the mouse to do something else, and the playhead moves - infuriating! The solution is simple and two alternatives are offered in the show.

As we saw in the first show with the trailers feature, music and most importantly, how music is integrated with the editing of your movie, can make a huge difference. Apple has included some very smart tools in iMovie to help you automate this complex editing process - Beat Markers. I take a look at several scenarios and options for effectively using beat markers and music in your movies.

The show also covers some additional special effects we didn't get around to in the last show, together with an exploration of the enhanced iMovie "˜11 user interface.

Finally, I take a look at the brand new Sports template and the rather clever Sports Team Editor. It's now really easy to create special customised transitions and overlays containing information about your local team and players.

In detail, the show covers:

  • iMovie 11 Usability Tips
  • Using Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Fine Tuning Controls
  • More Special Effects
  • Jump Cuts
  • Using Beat Markers
  • Adding Music First & Then Clips
  • Adding clips first then music
  • Flash and Hold Last Frame
  • Fades
  • iMovie UI & Full Screen Views
  • Sports Team Theme & Editor Player Stats
  • Titles
  • inalising & Sharing

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