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It's here.... almost!

Apple will be releasing OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion in a few short hours - the latest and greatest version of OSX for the Mac.

In this tutorial, I take you through the basics of installing Mountain Lion from the Mac App Store.

In addition, I also take a look at how you might want to undertake a clean install as well as creating a bootable USB installer drive.

This full tutorial includes sections on:

  • Downloading From Mac App Store
  • Upgrade Installation - Part 1
  • Upgrade Installation - Part 2
  • Preparing for a Clean Install
  • Creating a Bootable USB drive
  • Running The Clean Install

Video Tutorial Comments

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Raymond Barr

You did not cover this when you showed that you could hold off on re-installing your apps from the backup drive.

If one wants to do a clean install and not use a backup to add a copy of the prior configuration, how do you deal with all the apps that require de - authorization such as Adobe Apps. Fortunately most do not require this, but there are several. I assume the licensing files are on the old configuration and would not be carried over unless you copied everything but the apps to the new configuration. Most of the time you have no clue where they hide the licensing files.


This is a difficult one Raymond as there are only a few apps that require de-authorisation. Most users won't have these, and those that do are probably well aware due to the pain they may have caused last time round!

Nuno Marques

I just sold my old MacBook pro and I am waiting for my retina MacBook pro, my question is, how can I restore my old (cloned lion) Hd to my new mountain Lion (migration)?


You should be able to use the Migration Assistant to migrate across to the new rMBP. The only issue is connectivity. Could do across the network or via FireWire if you get a Thunderbolt to Firewire connector

Mike Grace

Just watched the show - excellent as ever. I will be upgrading to Mountain Lion in a few days or so - and this screencast gives me confidence to do it. Don covers a simple upgrade and a clean install - I might try the latter. Thanks Don.

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