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One of the failings of the standard iOS Contacts app is the lack of control over groups. In fact, you can’t organise or add to existing groups from the Contacts app at all!

Interact gives you that feature, and much more.

Using the same contacts information as managed by iOS and synced via iCloud, Interact allows you to create, update and delete groups of contacts, all from your iPhone or iPad.

In addition, Interact allows you to send messages or emails with attachments to multiple members within groups and, using iOS Share extensions, from virtually any app.

Interact also allows you to capture contact information from plain text, either from within the app using the Scratchpad, or externally using iOS integration.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Introduction
  • Using Interact
  • Working with Groups & Selections
  • Sending Messages & Emails
  • Using with Other Apps
  • Using the Scratchpad

Show Links:

You can get Interact from the App Store - Link

Video Tutorial Comments

(7 comments posted)

Dan Milligan

Hi Don... another great screencast.
I just went to the Agile Tortoise site to see if they had an OS X version of Interact as well but it doesn't look like it. I do a lot of work and organizing now from my MBPro and the ease of use of Interact intrigues me. I can definitely see using it from my iPad (I'm afraid my iPhone is too old now and doesn't fully sync with my newer tech) but I'd also like to use this app from either my MBPro or my iMac. Or, do you have an alternate suggestion that is as easy to use and as functional?


Hi Dan, As you indicated in your earlier comments, you should be able to use BusyContacts on your Mac and Interact on iOS

Dan Milligan

I've just reviewed your two BusyContact screencasts and it seems they would do what Interact is doing here in iOS... so would it be redundant to be using both BusyContact and Interact or have you found they would work seamlessly together?


Not actually tried them together but they should work

Gray Hodge

Interesting app. I agree that iOS contacts are feature poor, however, first impressions of Interact ..I find the design, layout and the colours used unattractive, esp. the use of red, which I find annoying.
I wonder if the colours could be customised in future versions?


Best thing is to contact the developer Greg - I'm sure he'd be delighted to receive some feedback and feature requests.


Gray Hodge

Will do Don (sorry about taking 9 months to reply...could have had another child in that time :) )
I really love Busy Contacts and rather hope that will come to iOS.

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