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As promised, here is the conclusion of the iOS 4 walkthrough.

As I covered the majority of the new features in the previous show, this first part of this week's show is a round up of some of the minor new features that may have missed your radar together with a look at the new iBooks application. I cover:

  • Using a Bluetooth Keyboard
  • Spelling Checker
  • Inserting Special Characters
  • Drop Pin in Maps
  • IBooks

In the second part of this week's show, I take a look at the groundbreaking iMovie app on the iPhone 4. Everyone expected HD video capture on the iPhone 4, but no one expected a fully featured video editing application on the iPhone as well.

This little app really is a masterstroke by Apple, not only in its execution, but turning the iPhone into a portable video editing machine, allowing people to easily and quickly create movies form the various video clips and stills they take with their iPhone.

How many times have you have taken lots of video clips on your iPhone 3GS, only to have them sync'd to their Mac and then forgotten about. Now you can spend a few minutes to assemble a great HD movie and share it with friends and family directly from the iPhone 4 itself.

Although iMovie for iPhone is simple to use, it's not really very intuitive, at least, not until you've been shown the basics. This section of the show does just that, taking you from soup to nuts in creating, editing and sharing movies from your iPhone 4.

In detail, this section covers:

  • iMovie Themes
  • iMovie User Interface
  • Adding Clips to the Timeline
  • Working with the Timeline
  • Editing Clips
  • Applying Clip Settings
  • Editing Transitions
  • Adding Still Images
  • Exporting & Sharing Movies

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