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iOS offers less options for automation than the Mac due to sandboxing, which limits what apps can do. But there are still some powerful automation tools available if you understand how the basic building blocks work.

In Part 2 of this iOS automation series, we dive deeper into automation workflows for iOS and give you several specific examples of how to implement these yourself. We walk you through some important concepts (like setting/calling variables and using prompts for text entry), and show you step-by-step how to construct these workflows for yourself.

In this tutorial we demonstrate:

How to get around the lack of a share sheet in Mail

How to append Amazon links to an Evernote note

How to create multi-step workflows like using AirDrop to send screenshots to your Mac and then automatically delete them from your iOS device

How to integrate prompts and set variables for use in iOS automation workflows in Workflow and Launch Center Pro

How to send multiple tasks to OmniFocus from Drafts and create OmniFocus project templates in Workflow

How to use Editorial to automate writing tasks and use Python scripts inside of Editorial workflows

The full tutorial covers:

  • Mail-to-PDF Workflow
  • Book List Workflow
  • Multistep workflow
  • LCP Journaling Workflow
  • OmniFocus Automation
  • Editorial

Show Links:

Brett Kelly's Book List workflow

OmniFocus TaskPaper Reference

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Wolfgang Walter

Hi Mike, great Tutorial. Is it possible to get your example daily reflection action as a text file? Thx Wolfgang

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