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iStat Menus 6 from Bjango is a terrific update to an essential Mac utility. This update brings a host of new options on how to display information about the performance of your Mac. New colors, new icons, new graphs; it's all about tailoring to your needs.

In this update show, Allison Sheridan will demonstrate the new features that have been added since her tutorial from July 2015, SCOM0513.

You'll learn about the enhanced options in tracking CPU/GPU performance, memory management, disk speed, network speed, thermal sensors, battery and power, including connected Bluetooth devices, date and time, and an entirely new section providing local weather.

The folks at Bjango have even added notifications to alert you of problems such as a process that has been chewing up too much CPU for too long, a sensor that's reading high temperatures, or if your disk is getting dangerously full.

Allison will also demonstrate a pair of utilities (iStat Server and iStat View) that allows you to monitor the computers (Macs, PCs or Linux boxes) on your network. This can be done from either an iOS device or a Mac.

As well as being available from the Mac App Store, iStat Menus for the Mac is also available as part of a SetApp subscription

The full tutorial covers:

  • Introduction
  • Pricing & Installation
  • Global
  • Weather
  • CPU & GPU
  • Memory
  • Disks
  • Network
  • Sensors
  • Battery/Power
  • Time
  • Combined
  • Export/Import
  • iStat View Intro

Show Links:

iStat Menus

iStat Server

iStat View for Mac

iStat View for Mac in the App Store

iStat View for iOS in the App Store

iStat Menus in SetApp

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