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So iWork '13 is now with us after the long, long wait. A complete re-write with full parity of features across the Mac, iOS and the Web.


The only problem is that some features have had to be sacrificed to achieve parity at this first release. This is problematic to many people who rely on many of the advanced features of the iWork suite. Luckily, Apple have thrown a lifeline and kept the older versions of the applications available on the Mac, although not on iOS.

This tutorial deals with some of the issues of using the older versions of the iWorks apps to still access the removed features. A warning though - although this tutorial is in the iOS stream, it deals mainly with issues on the Mac but does have implications for iOS users.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Background
  • Opening Files in iWork 09 Apps
  • Exporting in iWork 09 Format
  • iCloud Considerations

iWork for Mac: Features and compatibility - 6 month plan

Video Tutorial Comments

(6 comments posted)

Kevin Morton

Is there a way to use the iOS6 versions of iWork on iOS7?


Afraid not Kevin, at least, not if you've upgraded already. The older version can't be re-installed once upgraded.

Robert Naylor

Excellent "bridging" video for the transition to the newest Pages apps. Good idea to cover this topic and how to deal with the upgrade (downgrade?) across both platforms.
God Bless

Kevin Morton

Thanks, Don. Cripples the iPad until Apple restore some of the features removed with the rewrite.

Andreas Lauritzen

Hi Don

Two questions:

- How about syncing with Pages '09 using iTunes or WebDAV to the new version of Page for iOS. Do you think that will change the Pages '09 version of the document when saving it on iOS?

- Also, is there a way to just only "read" documents on iOS devices that are Pages '09 documents and not saving them?



Hi Andreas, Looks like the 09 document is converted into Pages 13 format document during the import process. The only way to read them without conversion is to save as PDF files and read them that way.

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