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At last! LaunchBar 5 is at full release status and I've been able to a show about it!

Actually, not just one show, I've got so much to cover, I've had to split it across two shows (at least).

In addition, I'm delighted that developers of LaunchBar 5 are supporting ScreenCastsOnline by sponsoring the free version of this weeks show. It's no secret that LaunchBar has been one of my favourite applications, probably from since I first started on the Mac.

At it's core, LaunchBar is an application launcher but to call it just an application launcher does it a disservice. Objective Development, the developers of LaunchBar have been increasing the functionality with each release, adding not just cool but stunningly useful features. The bottom line is that the application very quickly becomes an indispensable tool once you've started using it for even just a few hours.

LaunchBar 5 creates an index of all the ""stuff"" on your Mac - Applications, files, folders, documents, preference panes, web bookmarks, Web history, your iTunes library, your address book, your iPhoto library and much more. It allows you to create abbreviations to search and access all this ""stuff"" without moving your hands from the keyboard, making it so much more efficient that picking up your mouse and clicking all over the screen.

Add in some extra features such as the built in actions and my favourite - integration with webs services and web search templates, you'll wonder how you ever did without it Although I've explored LaunchBar before in previous shows, for this show I thought I'd start from scratch, so you don't need to dig out the old shows.

In this week's show I cover:

  • Introduction & Installation
  • Initial Configuration
  • LaunchBar 5 Basics
  • Launching Applications
  • Instant Open
  • Opening Recent Documents
  • Using Address Book Data in LB5
  • Skype Integration
  • Working with Files in LB5
  • Accessing Websites via LB5
  • Using Web Search Templates
  • Searching and Accessing Bookmarks & Web History

As this week is a sponsored show, Objective Development, the developers of LaunchBar 5 have kindly made available a special discount coupon code, just for ScreenCastsOnline viewers. Full details are at the end of this weeks show.

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