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I've been holding off doing a show on iCal for a while now, but I'm glad I did. Leopard and the iPhone has brought a new lease of life to iCal, the calendar application included with Mac OS X. Under the hood, there's a ton of cool and really useful features that now make iCal a credible and reliable tool to help you plan, organise and share your busy schedule.

In fact, there's so much stuff to cram in, I've had to split the show into two parts!

In this first part, I cover:

  • iCal User Interface Basics
  • Creating and Managing Calendars
  • Calendar Groups
  • Creating and Editing Events
  • Setting up Mail for iCal invitations
  • Using Invitations to Setup Meetings
  • Mail Integration
  • Using Data Detectors in Mail
  • Setting up To Dos via Mail

Part 2 will be along shortly looking at some of the more advanced features of iCal.

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