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At last! The launch date has been announced, the DVD printers are churning out copies of Leopard and all we have to do now is pre-order and wait for the big day!

Well we could sit and wait, but there's lots of things we can be doing in the meantime to ensure that our Macs are fit and ready to receive Leopard. More importantly, there are things we can do in advance to make sure that the installation or upgrade goes smoothly and that we are in a position to recover if things don't go as well as planned.

Yes, this week's show is all about preparing for the Leopard install and what sensible steps you need to do in advance. One of the major things is ensuring that you have a good bootable backup of your Mac BEFORE you even think about upgrading.

In this episode, I take you through some of the options for getting an external hard disk that can dual as both a bootable backup of your current system and also be configured to act as your Time Machine backup at the same time! I also cover some simple housekeeping steps to weed out the data and applications that clutter up your hard disk.

The show covers:

  • Selecting an External Hard Disk
  • Partitioning your new disk
  • Creating a Time Machine volume
  • Creating a Bootable Backup using Superduper
  • Testing your Bootable Backup
  • Disk Housekeeping
  • Identifying large files with Grandperspective
  • Removing Applications with Appzapper
  • Updating Applications with AppFresh

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