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Something different for this week - a montage of Mac hints and tips!

As you're probably aware, the show usually focuses on one particular topic or subject area but in doing that, lots of smaller topics get overlooked. So this week I cover 4 completely different topics that wouldn't justify a full show individually but should still help you get the most out of your Mac. This weeks mini tutorials are:

Create a new Web Receipts option: OSX has a built in feature that allows you to use the print menu in any application to save your print to a PDF. They even provide a special option to save your PDF to a ""Web Receipts"" folder in your documents folder.

This section allows you to duplicate this feature and create your own ""Web Receipts"" folder, call it anything you want and save it anywhere you want. The tutorial also shows you how to edit your new menu option to insert a time stamp right into the PDF title.

Sharing Your Internet Connection: Did you know that if you have a Mac with an Airport card or built in Airport, that you can turn you Mac in to an Internet access point by sharing your wired Internet connection? I use this a lot to allow my iPhone to use Wifi in my home studio where 3G is non existent and my existing wifi router signal is very weak. A couple of clicks in System Preferences and even if you don't have a wifi router, you can switch on Wifi and use your Mac as a Wireless Access Point.

Tweaking Screen Sharing: Update: The tips in this segment don't work anymore following a patch from Apple! We all know that you can start off a screen sharing session using the button in the finder but did you know that there is a standalone screen sharing app built right into OSX? This section exposes the underlying app and gives you instructions on reconfiguring it to see all your bonjour enabled machines.

It also shows you a tip on making the standard screensharing window much more functional by unhiding some extra features and buttons in the toolbar.

Creating Disk Images using Disk Utility: Yes, we all use Disk Utility to examine our disks and repair permissions, but did you know you can create your own disk images to send to other mac users, swap data from mac to mac or even burn to CD or DVD.

As well as standard disk images, you can even create secure, password protected, encrypted disk images to store your sensitive data on your disk away from prying eyes. In this section, I look at the basics of disk images, creating a secure disk image and explain some of the different file formats available to you. I also look at how disk images can help us store sensitive data on USB pen drives.

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