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Time for another Mac Montage this week!

Mac Montage shows are turning out to be one of the most popular types of ScreenCastsOnline shows. Rather than focus on a single topic or software application, I included a number of different hints and tips, all intended to help you get the most out of your Mac! A fairly mixed bag included this week, with some simple and some more complex hints and tips.

Renaming Files In situ : You know when you've just saved a file and realise that you should have actually called it something else? Yes you can File Save As or rename the file in the Finder once you've saved it, but this little tip is so much simpler!?

Accessing Bento via Multiple Machines: If you've more than a single machine, it can be quite frustrating to have your Bento database accessible via one machine and not another. This hint shows you how you can use DropBox to synchronise your Bento database across multiple machines. There are some caveats such as this isn't supported by Filemaker and you can't use Bento as a multi-user database, but it's a neat way of doing it and could be useful for other applications, not just Bento.Links: Bento, DropBox, BentoUsers website

Configuring Spelling in OSX: Although OSX supports many different spelling using many different languages, it's not always that easy to understand how. It's OK if you're one of the people that thinks color is the correct spelling, but this can be a minor irritation to some people! This section shows you how to change the default language settings for Finder and Menus, as well as how to switch on the various spelling dictionaries in your applications.

Clearing out iPod and iPhone Files: Two tips in this hint to help you reclaim some of your disk space. Whenever you update the firmware on your iPod or iPhone, OSX keeps a copy. After a few upgrades this can use up a fair slice of your disk space. In addition, iPod touch and iPhone users, did you know that each time you install or upgrade a mobile application, iTunes keeps all the old unneeded copies. They may be small, but it soon adds up! This hint shows you how to clear them out and get some disk space back.

16 Cores in Action: A couple of viewers have asked to see how I utilise the two Mac Pros to encode my videos using Compressor. Well small segment shows you just that. See the power of 16 cores roaring into action!

Well you did ask!

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