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Time for yet another Mac Montage this week!

Rather than focus on a single topic or software application, I include a number of different hints and tips, all intended to help you get the most out of your Mac!

A fairly mixed bag included this week, with some simple and some more complex hints and tips.

Photo Location Information Updates Apple have introduced some handy new features to help you assign location information from photos taken with the iPhone across to photos taken with a normal ""Non-GPS"" enabled camera. This tip shows you what is involved and also takes a look at a simpler way to move a locations pin to provide more accurate placement on your iPhoto maps.

Spurious Zooming on MacBooks Whilst I love the multi-touch gestures on the new unibody MacBooks, there is one that drives me to distraction, and that's zooming in Safari and Mail. This only seems to affect those of us used to the older MacBooks with the single button, where we used one hand for clicking the button and the other for moving the mouse. It's really hard to relearn not to use button finger and on the new MacBooks, this leads to inadvertent zooming in Safari and Mail. Very annoying.

Well as Apple don't provide a way to turn this off, one enterprising coder decided to create an InputManager to disable this function. This tip shows you how to install this InputManager and retain your sanity!

Creating Symbolic Links with Automator I've looked at this technique before of using DropBox to syncronise application data using symbolic links. One of my favourite applications has now been enabled to use this technique, and that's TextExpander. Rather than show you the typicalway of implementing this, I stumbled upon some third party Automator actions that remove the need for typing long commands into terminal to set this up.

Monitoring Disk Usage This segment features two of my favourite utilities for seeing just where all that precious disk space has gone - GrandPerspective and OmniDiskSweeper. Both utilities do the same job of showing you which files and folders are taking up the most space on your drive, but each has a different approach on how the data is presented.

I take you through both utilities and describe how I use each one.GrandPerspective OmniDiskSweeper.

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