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Time for another Mac Montage episode where I cover a number of shorter hints and tips, along with software or utilities that may not warrant a complete show of their own.

  • Remote Reboot via SSH
  • Adding Media to iTunes 9
  • PDF Adder Script
  • PDF Dropper
  • Add PDF to iTunes via Print Dialog
  • PDF Adder
  • Divvy Window Management Utility

This week I cover:

Remote Reboot via SSH Despite being an extremely stable platform, OS X does crash occasionally! More often than not, you may just lose keyboard or mouse control. The last thing anyone wants to do is do a hard reset of their machine, but if you have a second Mac handy (or even an SSH client on your iPhone or iPad), you can remotely access your Mac and do a controlled shutdown or reboot - much safer! This section shows you how to setup Remote Login on your mac and demonstrates how to connect via a second Mac.

Adding Media to iTunes 9 Yes, it's pretty easy to add media into iTunes via drag and drop but did you know you have a folder on your Mac that will send media placed in it directly to your iTunes library? "Automatically Add To iTunes" was introduced with iTunes 9 and is proving to be a very useful technique for getting media into iTunes, either locally or by connecting from a second machine.

PDF Adder Script With the advent of iBooks on both the iPad and iPhone, iTunes support for PDF now becomes very interesting. iTunes has had support for PDF for quite a while, but it's mainly been overlooked. The support for PDFs within iBooks now makes PDF an attractive format for transferring any reading material between your Mac, you iPad and your iPhone. This section covers one of "Doug's AppleScripts for iTunes" that gives you control over the conversion and transfer of any document on your Mac into iTunes.

There are three scripts in the suite:

PDF Dropper Install a droplet on your Mac to simply drag PDFs onto and have them transferred into iTunes, with the added benefit of optionally editing the metadata during the transfer.

Add PDF to iTunes via Print Dialog This is a script that plugs into the standard OS X print dialog box. Any document that can be printed can now be converted to PDF, metadata updated and transferred directly to iTunes to be synchronised via iBooks to your mobile devices - very powerful! PDF Adder - An Applescript to install in your iTunes scripts library giving you access to transfer any PDF into iTunes from iTunes itselfLinks.

Divvy Window Management Utility A neat utility to visually resize and move windows around your workspace. Really useful for arranging multiple windows without overlappingLinks.

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