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Time for another Mac Montage show but this one is a bit different.

As it's Christmas Eve next week, I've put together this double length show and won't publish a show next week. So you can either watch this one right the way through and take a week off, or watch half and put the rest aside for next week. I've even put a marker in the show so you know when you're half way through!

It's a fairly mixed bag this week, with both Mac and iOS 4 content, and even a mini hardware review.

The show covers various topics including:

?Apple & Batteries A whole section on explaining battery terminology with a look at Apples old and new battery technology. I give you some hints and tips on prolonging your batteries life with some recommendations from Apple themselves.

?Wolfram Alpha A fantastic web service that's so much more than just a search engine. You'll be amazed at just how much you can do with Wolfram Alpha, from simple numerical expressions written as sentences, to highly complex mathematical equations. But it's not just for mathematicians! There's all sorts of information available to you via Wolfram Alpha.

?Removing Flash from OSX We've covered Click to Flash before, which was a way of disabling flash content on web pages. With the prevalence of web sites now offering alternative content to Flash, and with the availability of some new tools and utilities, it's now possible to remove Flash completely from your Mac. That's what Apple have done with the new MacBook Air! This section shows you how to do just that, and also gives you some tips and techniques on what to do if you do need to view Flash content, even if Flash isn't installed.

?Reeder for Mac I don't usually cover beta software, but this is one of the best RSS readers out there! We've covered Reeder for iOS before but the new version for the Mac is sublime, even in its beta form. Well recommended.

Playing Audio from your iOS device to your Mac With my recently adopted strategy of moving all my music off my laptop to my iPhone, I find there are times I want to listen to music via speakers rather then headphones. The speaker on the iPhone just doesn't cut it! So why not use the speakers built into my laptop.

In this section, I look at three options -

(Update - Faceplant time! There's one other option you could do that's not included in this week's show... Just load iTunes on the laptop and connect the iPhone. Even if the phone is not synced, you can still play music off the device via iTunes on the laptop - OK, so I'm not infallible)

?Line In A free software utility that allows you to plug your iPhone into your line in port and pass thru the audio to your Mac speakers - great unless you've got a MacBook Air (No line in port!)

?PhoneView - a utility that accesses your iPhone music library via a standard iPhone USB cable. Once connected, just play your music! PhoneView also does much more than just this!

Jambox - Of course, the optimum solution would be a set of highly portable speakers, connectable via bluetooth, with stunning sound quality! Lo and behold, the Jambox by Jawbone fits the bill. Whilst I can't demonstrate the sound quality, I demonstrate how the device is setup to connect to an iPod touch via Bluetooth.

?NoteBook for iPad - To finish off this week's extended show, I've included three short videos of the new Circus Ponies NoteBook for iPad application. NoteBook for Mac has previously be covered on the show and has proven to be immensely popular for people who like the paper notebook metaphor. Circus Ponies have done a stellar job porting it across to the iPad, where the paper notebook metaphor is perfect for the iPad form factor.

In detail, this week's show covers...

  • Batteries & Optimisation
  • New Battery Technology
  • Checking your Battery Status
  • Apple Resources
  • Wolfram Alpha
  • Removing Flash From OSX
  • Reeder for Mac
  • Playing Audio From Your iPhone or iPad via the Mac
  • PhoneView
  • Jambox by Jawbone
  • Setting Up the JamBox
  • MyTalk - Jambox Configuration
  • NoteBook for iPad - 1
  • NoteBook for iPad - 2
  • NoteBook for iPad - 3

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