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Time for a Mac Montage tutorial this week!

Lot's of small topics that don't warrant a show on their own.

In this week's tutorial I follow up from last week and show you a free utility for capturing websites, look at some iTunes tips and show you how to use Handbrake and iVI to create 1080p movies for use with the new Apple TV.

This full tutorial includes sections on:

  • Skitch for Web Capture
  • Evernote Support in Skitch
  • ITunes Tips
  • Encoding at 1080p
  • HandBrake Configuration
  • Searching for Past Tutorials
  • iVI Configuration

Video Tutorial Comments

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About Handbrake vs iVI. If you have encoded your Blu-Ray movie to an MKV, then chances are the movie does not need re-encoding to work on the Apple TV. It just needs remuxing (is that the word?).
In other words, use iVI's Pass-Thru ability which will create an ATV compatible file in a fraction of the time.
For one who doesn't have all those juicy cores to play with, it's the difference between 12 hrs using Handbrake, or 20 mins using iVI

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