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Time for a Mac Montage show this week, with three separate topics:

Securing Your Apple ID - Part 2 - Completing the process of securing your Apple ID using 2-factor verification. Please be aware that Apple have not implemented 2-factor verification in every country yet!

Post Haste - A great free utility to create complex folder structures over and over again for project work. Originally designed for creatives, this application is perfect for anyone doing project based work. Create a folder structure to replicate your project requirements and replicate it every time there's a new project.

You can even use optional parameters to customise the folder and sub folder names, and even created named files for use within your projects.

Soulver - Stop loading up your spreadhseet to do simple calculations - Soulver is a numeric scratchpad that can handle text and numbers. Just enter the calcualtion as you would say it and Soulver does the rest.

With full support for many different types of calculation as well as currency and other conversions, Soulver is an ideal application to have to hand throughout the day. You can create re-usable calculation sheets and even save them to iCloud. Ever get stuck on percentages? Just type them out exactly as you would say them and Soulver does the heavy lifting.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Securing Your Apple ID - Part 2
  • Post Haste
  • Soulver

Video Tutorial Comments

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Brian Parker

Post Haste was really useful and free. Downloaded it right away.
Your next tip of the week on Macbreak Weekly perhaps?

Tommy Weir

Yes, I'm sure I can find a use for Post Haste.

I've been a Soulver user for several years now. A great 'ready reckoner' to have in the toolset. You can set up common everyday calculations and call them up as needed, like little programs you run to calculate your VAT or sales tax, or common budgetary tradeoffs.

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