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The first full show for the New Year and it's the time to catch up on some things you know your really should do with your Mac.

This members only show gives you some ideas on what to set as New Year's resolutions for your Mac.

Passwords We're all guilty of occasionally slipping into the bad behaviour of using the same password for multiple web services, even if you're a 1Password user! Why not take the time to weed out all those services and start the New Year with a strong unique password for each service? But how do you know which services you've left compromised? Well if you're a 1Password user, this section shows you how to easily identify those services and systematically put them right. If you're not a 1Password user, I couldn't recommend it highly enough. Here's an affiliate link to their site - 1Password

Even if you're very conscientiousness and have methodically set a unique password on all your services, you still need to change them regularly. This section also shows how to use the 1Password Strong Password Generator in both browsers and also in standalone mode.

Backups We all know just how important backups are but are you backing up? If not, stop reading this, go out and buy a USB or FW external drive and switch on Time Machine!

In this section, I local at several aspects of starting a good backup strategy.

  • Local Backups - I explore using an external drive to create both a Time Machine backup and a bootable SuperDuper backup as well as discussing the reasons why both types of backups are useful.

  • Offsite Backups & Online Backups - Just a local backup really isn't enough! You really should have at least an online backup with a reputable backup service and ideally, a third backup offsite.

I demonstrate a number of tools that will help you in these areas:

Backup 3 If you're a MobileMe user, you're already paying for a local and online backup service so why not use it! You can also use Backup 3 to create backups to physical media so you can create off site backups easily.

This short section takes you through some of the features of Backups including how to download and install on your Mac, as well as creating some ""Custom Plans""

CrashPlan With both a free version and a paid for version Crashplan allows you to seamlessly backup to local devices, and even friends computers across the internet allowing you to create both local and offsite backups in one east step. With Crashplan Pro, you can also send your data to Crashplan Central, a low cost online backup service, at the same time - all bases covered. With support for attached volumes as well as the ability to ""seed"" your backup onto a drive and send to Crashplan, and also have your data restored to a hard disk and sent back to you, Crashplan looks like one of the most comprehensive backup systems available. I explore all aspects of Crashplan and show you just how easy it is to set up and operate. I also demonstrate just how easy it is to backup your Mac to a friends, as well as the local and online backup.

Arq If you don't want to use a vendor specific backup service, why not use Amazon's S3 - Simple Storage Service - and a dedicated Mac client like Arq. This is a simple and efficient ""front end"" to Amazon S3, specifically designed for the Mac. Using Arq, you pay once for the client and that's it. All other charges are via Amazon S3. This section demonstrates just how simple it is to setup, operate and restore.

Subscribing directly from your iPad or iPhone

At last! This show also contains a section showing you how you can subscribe and download protected podcasts (and normal audio and video podcasts) directly to your iPad or iPhone. No more being tied to iTunes and having to sync your device every time you want to put some fresh content on your mobile device. Just subscribe using Podcaster lite or Podcaster and your podcasts will be downloaded over Wifi or 3G direct to your mobile device.

The great news is that it works a treat with ScreenCastsOnline members shows!

The section includes a complete walkthrough of setting up your ScreenCastsOnline members shows on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch Mac App Store Update.

Following on from the special bonus show last week, just a quick update on the Mac App Store and how things are panning out.

Show Summary

In detail the show covers:

  • Sorting out your passwords!
  • Checking where you've used the same password
  • 1Password Strong Password Generator
  • Backup Strategies
  • Using Time Machine Editor to control your TM backups
  • Using SuperDuper to create a bootable backup
  • Online & Offsite Backups
  • Backup 3
  • Crashplan
  • Backing Up To A Friends Computer
  • Crashplan Central
  • Restoring Files from Crashplan
  • Configuration Settings
  • Arq - Client for Amazon S3
  • Subscribing directly from your iPad or iPhone
  • Mac App Store Update

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