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Not a normal show and not a Mac Montage! This week, I thought I'd pull the curtains back and bring you up to speed with how I'm getting on with the Mac Pro. In preparation for the arrival of the Mac Pro, I had a rethink on how I manage my files and how I might want the disk layout to be organised.

It's not all "navel gazing" though, as I examine some useful techniques for relocating some of your application data, as well as migrating your user account and data from one Mac to another.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Mac Pro Configuration
  • Current File Organisation
  • Moving The iTunes Library
  • Dropbox Configuration
  • Analysis of System Partition
  • Creating A Bootable Backup
  • Repartitioning A System Drive

Video Tutorial Comments

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David Price

Don -- One of the most interesting shows you've done!

Could you please reply with the reasons for keeping the system drive separate from the data drive? How does it make life easier for you?

Also, there was no mention of Time Machine backups. You don't use it? If not, how do you back up your work-in-progress?

Many thanks!


Ryan Scott

Hi David, I tend to rebuild machines or migrate between machines probably more than most people. I just feel more confident that all my data is separated out from the system drive and makes it more portable. I have started using a dedicated Time Machine partition on an external Thunderbolt connected drive of versioning backup. I also make a clone backup of my system drive a couple of times a day (automatically with CCC scheduler). I also use Chronosync to make second level backups of everything - I really need to do that storages show!

David Price

Thanks for the reply, Ryan. Do you also use CCC and Time Machine to back up your boot drive? How many volumes do you typically back up in Time Machine?

Yes, a show on storages would be great... explaining the strategy for making data more portable and easier to back up.

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