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Time for another MacMontage!

This time it's a three parter.

The first part is all about using the OSX Proxy icon. The what? The OSX Proxy icon! This is the small icon that sits in the title bar of the Finder and many other OSX applications. It's not there just for show, but can be made to do some pretty useful things.

This week's show explains just what you can do with it including:

  • Using OS X Proxy Icon
  • Proxy Icon in the Finder
  • Proxy Icon in Applications
  • Proxy Icon in Safari

The second part of the show is slightly different in that I take you through a detailed five stage process on setting up a method of using email to send attachments into your Dropbox folder structure.

Designed with a specific purpose of assisting easy file transfer between your desktop Macs and your iPad, the technique uses many different applications and features of OSX demonstrating just how powerful your Mac can be.

It doesn't matter if you're not an iPad user, as the techniques and processes are just as relevant if you're a Mac only, or mac and iPhone user.

The techniques and processes covered include:

  • Step 1 - Setting up a separate Gmail Account
  • Step 2 - Add Gmail account into
  • Step 3 - Creating an Automator Workflow
  • Step 4 - Creating an AppleScript for Mail Rule
  • Step 5 - Setting & Testing Mail Rules

The third and final part is a brief look at the new Dropbox client on the iPad.

I demonstrate how easy it is to access and view your Dropbox files from your iPad, including the files added to Dropbox using the Email method covered in the earlier part of the show.

I also show you how easy it is to get your Dropbox files into iWork on the iPad plus how to export them via Mail to put back into Dropbox. Finally, a quick suggestion for maintaining a single master copy of your documents either in Dropbox or on your iPad.

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