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Time for a Mac Montage show this week, and Todd Olthoff takes us through three Menu Bar utilities.

DeskConnect for Mac: A handy way to share files and more via your Macs and iOS devices either locally or remotely.

Trickster: Access recent files and more.

Menu Mate: Access your application menus with just a quick keyboard shortcut.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Installing DeskConnect
  • Sharing Documents
  • Sharing Websites
  • Making Calls From Mac Contacts
  • Trickster Installation & Set Up
  • Trickster Interface
  • Working with Files in Trickster
  • Customizing Trickster
  • MenuMate

Video Tutorial Comments

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Richard Bruning

I tried testing out the free version downloaded from the MenuMate website - ( but when I went to select a "Mouse Button" option to access the app, I was told I needed to turn on the radio button "Enable Assistive Devices" in “Settings”.
Well, in Mavericks, what they really meant was “System Preferences”. Figured next step would be “Accessibility”, but there was no radio button there anywhere offering me "Enable Assistive Devices”. Did a quick web search and found that what they’re talking about is now buried within “Security & Privacy”, under the “Privacy” tab.
On the left is a list of applications and such, including “Accessibility”. Once that’s selected on the right is a list of apps that want to control your computer (like iTunes or Textexpander). After unlocking to allow changes, I chose “MenuMate” from that list.
THEN it worked. Could not find much of any support info on MenuMate’s site, unfortunately.
The functionality is awesome though, worth the money over the long haul I think, and like Don, the app I used to use for this function (PopChar, right Don?) is no longer. Hope this helps!

Richard Bruning

Oooops! Just realized there was another Mavericks-friendly app with this functionality: MenuPop - ( Same price, similar functionality.

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