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Ever wanted to publish your own magazine on the iPad.

To date, it's been complex and prohibitively expensive, but that has all changed with MagCast!

I've been inundated with requests for information on how I was able to create and publish the new ScreenCastsOnline Monthly interactive digital magazine via Apple's Newsstand. So in this week's show, I take you behind the scenes and take you through the process of how I publish the magazine each month, using a brilliant new publishing platform called MagCast.

MagCast is a comprehensive publishing solution that is designed to enable you to create and publish digital magazines directly to the iPad via Apple's Newsstand. It's as simple as creating a PDF each month, submitting to the Newsstand platform, add in your links and interactive content and publish direct to Newsstand. Your new issue gets delivered to your subscribers automatically, and if you're selling your magazine, Apple send you a cheque each month for your sales.

It's really that simple!

MagCast is more than just the delivery platform though, it includes full training, support and even marketing help to get your magazine published and promoted. MagCast even creates your Newsstand app for you, and gives you full instructions on setting up an Apple Developer Account setup by step via a series of screencasts. No development skills are required, it's all laid out in click by click instructions that you can follow along with.

In this week's tutorial I demonstrate some of the key aspects of Newsstand and the MagCast platform including a walk through of me creating the October issue of ScreenCastsOnline Monthly through to publication. You'll be amazed at just how easy it is!

This full tutorial includes sections on:

  • Newsstand
  • Newsstand Apps in the App Store
  • MagCast Platform
  • MagCast Training Modules
  • Creating a Mag Issue
  • Creating the Pages Document
  • Submitting to MagCast
  • MagCast Tools
  • Testing Your Mag
  • Publishing Your Mag

Video Tutorial Comments

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Has MagCast changed their payment model? From watching this Episode it seems it was a one-time setup fee. Now it looks like a monthly payment model?

Or did I misinterpret what you were saying in this Episode?



Hi Patrick, Yes, they have changed their model. They have changed from to a monthly fee rather than a high one off payment - makes it more affordable and lowers the barrier to entry.

Grace Suarez

I was amazed to find out that you create your magazine using Pages. Would you do a Screencast explaining how you do it?

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