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MailMate is a keyboard-centric email application for Mac. It may not be the prettiest, but it is a very powerful, flexible, secure, and standards-compliant email application that allows you to plough through mountains of email in record time.

In this episode we dive into the basic features of MailMate and show you how to set everything up. We walk you through the many settings, different views, and how to use MailMate integration with other productivity apps to process your email faster and more effectively.

In this tutorial we demonstrate:

  • Recommended settings
  • Setting up integration with other productivity apps
  • Using the powerful search feature to quickly locate any message
  • How to use the Thread Arc view to get the entire message history
  • Using Markdown to compose new messages
  • Setting up Smart Mailboxes by using tag searches
  • Creating your own key bindings

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Custom Key Bindings

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Video Tutorial Comments

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Charles Smith

Mike once again you've hit it out of the park. I really like these keyboard centric programs that use markdown. Of course being visually disabled I'm down to like such programs! In any event please keep these great reviews coming.


Steve Wehba

While I really enjoyed the MailMate screencast, I cannot recommend the app. I used it long ago and abandoned it for Airmail. After watching the screencast, I decided to give MailMate another chance. Although it's an app I really want to love, using it has been a frustrating experience. Some of the problems I encountered:

(1) Performance grinds to a halt whenever the app loses focus and then focus is restored. I am researching this with MailMate support, but no answers yet.
(2) Syncing with an Exchange server is problematic. It must be configured manually, and then I continually receive sync errors. It could be bugs on the server, but I don't see this with any other mail client.
(3) Deleting folders is buggy. Sometimes it works. Sometimes not.

Things I really do like:

(1) Support for markdown
(2) Keyboard shortcuts
(3) Smart folders

So, overall, I concur that MailMate is a very powerful email client, but it still has issues that prevent me from using it on a daily basis.

Mike Harahan

Really enjoyed this tutorial. MailMate's ability to incorporate gMail keybindings and send with summary to OmnFocus makes for lightening fast processing of my emails. The integration with DEVONthink Pro Office puts MailMate over the top.

Question: How should one make an archive backup of the MailMate database?

Mike Schmitz

Hi Mike, I personally don't back up my MailMate database but looking through the forums it looks like there are a couple of options. From what I can tell, MailSteward and EagleFiler are the 2 programs people use most frequently to back up the messages in their MailMate databases. The messages are actually saved deep in in the Library folder, so it's possible to use Time Machine also. I think depending on what you want to do, something like MailSteward of EagleFiler would be the first place I'd look though.

Mike Harahan

Hi Mike…Thinking about the friction of getting your Aunt Suzi's recipe into Evernote (having to separately grab the recipe attachment because it does not move with the email to Evernote via the Evernote MailMate bundle), I believe the Wizard of Winona, Brett Terpstra, has the answer. Take a look at this post I've installed the Brett's hack and can say it works like a charm.

This is what I would do with Aunt Suzi's email after installing the hack:

- Open the email in MailMate
- Hit ⌘Y (This will open the recipe attachment in Preview)
- Save the PDF to a folder I think you or Todd talked about in a DEVONthink Pro Office tutorial which will OCR the PDF, encrypt it and place in DEVONthink Pro Office


Mike Schmitz

This is brilliant! Thanks for pointing me to this post. I owe roughly 80% of my Mac productivity to Brett Terpstra :)

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