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Another double length show this week, packed with all sorts of information. The full, double length show is only available to ScreenCastsOnline Extra! members, the free version of the show is just the first 20 minutes or so.

This week's show has a theme but covers lots of different tools and technologies - something for everybody!

The main theme of the show is Markdown - a simple formatting language that allows you to use plain text files for all your writing on your Mac, iPad or iPhone. As it's based on pure text files, Markdown gives you complete freedom and flexibility in the way you create documents and in the way you can share them with colleagues, family and friends. Originally developed for web designers, Markdown is rapidly becoming adopted across the board as a simple, portable method of creating, editing and formatting text, with many applications starting to have native support for Markdown built in.

The short, free version of the show covers the basics or Markdown and describes and demonstrates some of the syntax used.

The full members version of the show covers this plus many more topics including:

DashKards - A great way to have a Markdown crib sheet at your fingertips via Dashboard (as well as many other top Mac applications)

Markdown and Applications - A look at some of the best text editors available including NValt and TextMate. This section also shows you how to add a QuickLook plugin in to OSX to view Markdown files in all their glory using QuickLook.

Web Publishing with Markdown - A look at some of the most popular blogging tools and services with support for Markdown included. I also take a look at how you can add Markdown support to Rapidweaver 5 by using a PlugIn.

MultiMarkdown - Want to use Markdown for more complex projects or documents. MultiMarkdown will give you all you need and more. Specially extended to allow for a much richer and complete set of formatting tools and conversion utilities, MultiMarkdown enables the creation of complex, highly formatted documents for simple text files. In this section, I show and example of using MultiMarkdown file imported into Scrivener and exported to RTF format for Pages - pretty neat!

Printing from iOS - Finally, I take a look at printing form the iPad and iPhone using iOS 4.2. Unfortunately, only a select few HP printers will give you AirPrint functionality, but with the addition of a simple, inexpensive Mac preference pane application, you can print to any shared printer on your local Mac network. No only that, but you can print to your Mac and even print to DropBox. I finish off this section with full instructions on adding integration with Evernote, just by adding some Applescript and Folder actions.

Show Summary

In detail the show covers:

Free Show

  • What is Markdown?
  • Markdown Syntax
  • Un-Ordered and Ordered Lists
  • Links

Full Members Show

The contents of the free show plus:

  • DashKards
  • Markdown and Applications
  • Notational Velocity Alt
  • TextMate
  • Creating HTML Emails with Markdown
  • Markdown and Quicklook
  • Web Publishing with Markdown
  • Blogging with SquareSpace
  • MarsEdit 3
  • Wordpress Plugin for Markdown
  • Rapidweaver and Markdown
  • PlusKit PlugIn
  • MultiMarkdown
  • MultiMarkdown Overview
  • Compiling From Scrivener
  • Printing from iOS
  • Printopia
  • Printing to local printers with AirPrint
  • Printing to the Mac & DropBox
  • Integration to Evernote using AirPrint & Folder Actions


Daring Fireball Notational Velocity Alt (NValt) Textmate DashKards Markdown QuickLook Plugin MarsEdit 3 Printopia for Mac

Video Tutorial Comments

(2 comments posted)

Desalegn Workneh

The best screencast ever!
I totally love it learn how MMD and MD could simplify my life


Kerry Dawson

Unfortunately, this one went right over my head. Like it was the big Woosh!

How'd I ever get into this Markdown thing. I know. I bought this utility called Drafts and because it only runs on IOS and not OSX and I pop back and forth between the two environments I thought how can I get something I want to start writing from a Drafts doc to OSX. Well I had a couple of what I call simple but convoluted ways of doing it but I saw Drafts sends to Byword. Byword sounded good as you're supposed to just be able to concentrate on your writing and use simple markdown whatevers to format your document nicely. I've spent more time trying to get Byword to produce something that looks the way I want it to than you can imagine. In fact, I can't even remember what I wanted to write unless I go back to my original Drafts document and go oh yeah that's what I wanted to write 5 days ago and it would have taken me ten minutes if only Drafts had an OSX equivalent that it sync'd to. LOL! This is crazy ergo I'm crazy LOL!

I wish:

1. I had never heard of Drafts
2. Never had ever heard the word Markdown - I did fine for years without ever knowing this existed.
3. Drafts would just port and sync to OSX as it would make my life and so many others so much nicer.

Just a little frustrated here in case that didn't come through in my writing (I must be writing in Markdown heaven forbid).

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