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A mac montage this week, covering three separate topics.

FileChute Revisiting an old favourite updated with DropBox support allowing you to create and send large files securely via drag and drop. FileChute works by sending files to your normal DropBox account, and creating a public link for you to send via email, all in one simple process. It will handle single files, multiple files and even folders. What is really neat is that you can create zip or DMG files automatically, and it will even password protect them for you, allowing an additional level of security.

Hidden Download List Did you know OSX keeps a database of all the files you download, even once you've cleared your download history? This can be useful and this segment gives you the commands to access, capture and delete this hidden list. In this section, I take a look at some useful terminal commands that allow you to expose this list of downloaded files. See the bottom of the page for the commands to copy and paste or download from here

Day One Create your own personal or business journal with this beautiful OSX application. As featured in Issue 002 of the ScreenCastsOnline Monthly magazine, Day One is a fantastic application to allow you to keep a journal with minimum effort. You can optionally configure it to prompt you during the day to make an entry, or just add to it when the fancy takes you. Day One has an iPad and iPhone version too, all seamlessly syncing via iCloud or DropBox.

Terminal Commands for Hidden Download List Display Files

sqlite3 ~/Library/Preferences/* 'select LSQuarantineDataURLString from LSQuarantineEvent'

Delete Entries From Database

sqlite3 ~/Library/Preferences/* 'delete from LSQuarantineEvent'

Video Tutorial Comments

(11 comments posted)

Oscar Morillon

The coupon code only takes $5 off the full price (total price is $12.95). Is that what it's supposed to do, or is FileChute only $5 with that code?


I was assured by the developer it was $5 with that code. I'll get confirmation asap.


The dev has double checked and the discount is $12.95. If you find any differently, send me an email

James Roberts

Does the recipient of an encrypted file need a copy of FileChute to decrypt it?
I'm being lazy this morning :-)


Nope, they just need the password. The files it produces will expand on any Mac without FileChute installed

Richard Johnston

I think some people may put off watching the latest shows now that the magazine is available and this may be affecting the number of comments. For something like this MacMontage show I'll watch it this weekend but for Bento, which has been around for awhile, I'll probally watch both parts from the magazine. Either way, GREAT content, Don! Keep up the good work.


I hadn't thought of that! As long as they do watch them ;-) Thanks for the kind works Richard

Pierre Belance

File chute looks great but I had a play with Day One.What a great app. The fact that we can password lock the app is amazing. I can now put stuff from work there and keep it safe too.Your tutorials are certainly powerful as I often find myself buying such apps I would otherwise know nothing about.Good work Don!

Mitch Jackson

Great work again this week, Don. I enjoy the mix of deep dives on some subjects, along with the montages for others. I have been using Day One for a couple of months now. Timely to have you review.

Raymond Barr

Thanks Don, another super topic. I watched on the iPad last nigh. I love FileChute and have been using it for some time. Really great with the Dropbox function. Day One is used almost every day and the ability to have it on the iDevices makes it easy to manage entries.

The Hidden Downloads segment was amazing . I just ran the first command. I have not done the sorting yet as I need to re look at your instructions. Quite informative and now I know why my iMac is so cluttered...

Thanks again and look forward to the next show.

Nicholas Barnes

Another terrific MacMontage. Ony Don can make Terminal interesting!

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