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Time for another Mac Montage show this week, featuring a number of hints and tips.

This week I look at:

Popclip - Revisiting some updates and exploring how I use my favourite extensions. I've found PopClip to be indispensable when used in conjunction with extensions to integrate my favourite applications. In this section, I show you how I use Popclip to improve my productivity with some real world examples.

Nifty minidrive - A clever adaptor for utilising extra storage with an SD card. Launched initially as a Kickstarter project, the Nifty mini drive is a very smart way of attaching additional storage to your laptop, almost invisibly. In this section, I demonstrate the Nifty mini drive and do some speed comparisons on using USB2 memory sticks, SD Cards and USB3 memoiry sticks, as well as giving you some guidance on booting from an SD card.

Fixing Slow Wake - A solution to laptops suffering from slow wake up times by using a terminal command.

Terminal - How to customise your Terminal session plus some basic navigation commands. Terminal has had a make over in recent versions of OSX and I show you how to tweak it to your liking. I also take a look at some common navigation commands to move around your filesystem from the command line, as well as looking at accessing the Finder from your Terminal session and vice versa.

The full tutorial covers:

  • PopClip - Updates & New Extensions
    • Quick Currency Conversions
    • Evernote & OmniFocus
    • TextSoap
    • Textexpander Snippet
  • Nifty Minidrive
  • Slow Wake on Laptops?
  • Terminal - Customisation & Basics
    • Navigation Commands

Video Tutorial Comments

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Eugene Bouley

Great show! I have Popclip on my MacBook Pro and love it. This show has now given me more reasons to use it. The segment on the terminal commands to fix the slow waking of the retina MacBook Pro has now resolved a problem I was having.

This is so typical of many of your shows, Don, because you help us to resolve problems before we ask for help. SCO is the greatest subscription service I have. Thanks for all the work you do.

Piotr Piatek

There is no need for Paste and Match Style extension in PopClip. The same result would give (I hope) Paste+Shift combination.

Brian Morris

Thanks for the terminal tip to fix slow wakeup. My MacBook Air seems to take forever before you can enter your login password. Using the tipi, I saw that it was set to "deep sleep" after 70 minutes. I changed that to 24 hours and now it is "instant on" most of the time. Thanks and keep up the good work.

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