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Time for a MacMontage this week, albeit with a bit of a theme. The theme is Sync and Storage, and I take a look at a couple of services I've been using over the past few weeks as alternatives to some tried and test services.

The first being OmniPresence, a possible alternative (or more likely supplement) to iCloud, and, a potential alternative to Dropbox.

OmniPresence is a sync service built by the OmniGroup to support syncing between OSX and iOS devices. It has been built as an alternative to iCloud syncing, ostensibly to support the Omni range of products, but will support syncing any file format in OSX. OmniPresence is built into their supported iOS apps such as OmniOutliner, OmniGraffle and OmniGraphSketcher, and they provide a free Mac application to run OmniPresence on your Mac. In this tutorial, I take you through the setup and usage of OmniPresence in many different scenarios.

Update - Unfortunately since this show was recorded, is no longer in operation and the service has been withdrawn is a syncing and iCloud service that potentially could be used as an alternative to Dropbox. With most, if not all of the features of Dropbox, starts you off with 15GB of free storage (with another 5GB if you use a referral code such as and is over half the price of Dropbox if you have larger storage requirements. With full support for most major platforms plus iOS and Android apps, it's well worth checking out.

This full tutorial includes sections on:

  • Omni Sync Server Account

    • Setting Up Mac App
    • Configuring on iOS
    • Syncing Non Omni App Files
  • Copy - Dropbox Alternative?

    • Installing the Mac App
    • Using Copy Actions
    • Copy Preferences - File Management
    • Sharing Files With Copy
    • Using the Copy Website
    • Preferences - Notifications & Sharing

Video Tutorial Comments

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Michelle York

According to, you get 500 MB per referral up to a max of 18 GB. You state it's 1GB/referral up to 32 GB. is this a difference between US and UK or am I missing something in their site?


Hi Michelle, Perhaps that's the limit if you're on a free Dropbox account. It's definitely 1GB/referral up to 32GB for Dropbox Pro accounts. Probably worth pointing out that the Copy,com referral of 5GB/referral with no limit is for free accounts and Pro.


Simon Browne

Michelle - the DropBox referral deal is 500MB per referral you make if you use a Free Account but if you sign up for Paid account - as Don has - then you get 1GB per referral. If you have lots of friends who do not yet use DropBox and you want to refer them, you might want to consider getting a paid account first. Note : DropBox paid storage is expensive compared to other services.

Richard Bruning

Don, First of all, congrats on packing SO much info into 32 minutes. Felt like a hour! ;-)
Question 1: To send a link/file to another person do they have to be signed up with COPY?
Question 2: I was unclear on how you totally delete a file so it doesn't appear anywhere. Hmm? THANKS!


Hi Richard, 1 - Only if you want to send a secure link. Otherwise anyone can access it. 2 - You just delete the file normally, it will be deleted off all you devices and the cloud. Removing the file using the selective sync on a device just means it gets removed on that device only.

Kurt Werstein

For those watching this, as of April 13th, 2017, Copy has been discontinued. See:


Thanks Kurt - I've updated the show notes

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