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The imminent closure of MobileMe is rapidly drawing nearer. Apple are due to turn off all MobileMe related services on June 30th 2012.

This week, I take you through what is needed to migrate your iWeb websites, currently hosted on MobileMe, to an external web hosting service.

It's easier than you think, especially as I show you the process step by step.

There are even some discount codes to make it less painful.

Although Apple have stopped distributing iWeb, it's still supported and should be for some time to come. This means the urgency isn't to move your website off iWeb, but to move the website to another hosting provider. I'll look at moving iWeb websites to another software platform in the future, but this week I concentrate on setting up an account with an external hosting provider and migrating your iWeb website to a new home.

I take a look at hosting services provided by UK2.NET/WestHost & SiteGround.

I also take a look at a "lightweight" solution for small, low traffic websites.

One other consideration is the need to replace your current MobileMe galleries if they are embedded in your iWeb website. I offer up a simple alternative but will focus on replacements for MobileMe Gallery functionality in a future show.

This full tutorial includes sections on:

  • Backup Your iWeb Media
  • iWeb Hosting Migration
  • Publishing via DropBox
  • Using An External Web Hosting Provider
  • Web Hosting
  • Signup Process
  • Using CyberDuck with
  • Changing To FTP Site Publishing Settings
  • Setting Up an FTP Account In cPanel
  • SiteGround Sign Up Process
  • Testing The SiteGround FTP Settings
  • Changing To FTP Site Publishing Settings #2
  • Replacing MobileMe Gallery Pages

The discounts for setting up a hosting account with are:

SCREENCASTSB30 "“ 30% off our site builder hosting

SCREENCASTDN30 "“ 30% Off domain names

SCREENCASTHOST "“ 30% off web hosting packages

SCREENCASTDNS "“ 100% off DNS Management

SCREENCASTVPS "“ 20% off VPS cloud

SCREENCASTVPN "“ First month free

These codes are valid up to May 2013 and will be applied to the entire length of the service you order.

The discounts for setting up a hosting account with WestHost is:

3MONTHS4APPLES - First three months free

This code is valid up to May 2013

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