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MoneyWell is a great way to manage, organise and reconcile your personal finances. Recently relaunched as MoneyWell 2, the app uses an ingenious method of budgeting using an envelope system, or in MoneyWell parlance "Buckets"

This week's tutorial is the first for a long time to be presented by a guest ScreenCaster - Todd Olthoff - who kindly helped by contributing one of his screencasts whilst I was poorly ill. Thanks Todd!

The tutorial was originally aimed at existing MoneyWell users become used to the new UI in the latest version of MoneyWell, but should give new users a good idea of how the application works and some of the core concepts.

This full tutorial includes sections on:

  • MoneyWell Introduction
  • New Layout
  • MoneyWell Walkthrough
  • MoneyWell Buckets
  • Filling Buckets
  • Part 2 - Spending Plans

I hope you'll join with me in thanking Todd for stepping in at short notice. Perhaps it might be a good idea to have the occasional guest screencaster to keep me on my toes!

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Joe Manich

Don/Todd: I use Moneywell 2 and I'm very disappointed. Day to day is OK, but it has enough annoying things...before I give up on it, I will watch this episode again.

Meanwhile there are like 5 or 6 in the MacApp store, are you considering doing a round up on these?

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