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Move and Zoom your windows on your Mac, easily and quickly using your Mouse, Trackpad or Keyboard.

Moom is a great application that integrates seamlessly with OSX to give you complete mastery of your environment. Move and resize windows, move them out of the way or even send them to different monitors.

You can even create "Window Layout Snapshots" to allow you to postion your favourite application windows just as you like them, then store for future use. With a simple command, all your windows will reposition themselves exactly as you saved them. You can even set automatic triggers based on your screen resolution or available monitors.

This week's tutorial takes you through all the great features of Moom and demonstrates how you can take control of your Macs windows on OSX. The full tutorial covers:

  • Introduction to Moom
  • Moving and Zooming with Mouse
  • Spacing Windows
  • Accessing Custom Controls
  • Move and Zoom Using the Keyboard
  • Creating Custom Controls
  • Window Layout Snapshots

In addition, I've included an extra section just finishing off the coverage of QuickTime - looking at using clips in QuickTime Player X

Video Tutorial Comments

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Detlef Weidner

Interesting ... seems not to work with all windows, i.e. Circus Ponies "Notebook".


Robert Carucci

Around February of 2016, I discovered my inner nerd. The catalyst of this revelation was done out necessity but now I'm obsessed.
As soon as I download a new app, I quickly sign onto screencasts to watch Don do his thing.
Thanks you for your amazing work.


Thanks for the support Robert!

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