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Notability is a fantastic note taking app for the iPad, iPhone and now the Mac.

It has excellent stylus support for hand-written notes and typed notes, including a unique "Zoom" feature. You can sketch drawings and annotations, type notes, and even audio record lectures and other events that stay timed with your notes. Editing your hand-written notes is easy because they're all vectors. This means with the swipe of an eraser, you can erase large or small sections of words or sketches, and moving or changing colour and line thickness is a snap.

An iPad Pro with Apple Pencil is not required, but it makes Notability even more natural and useful.

And now with a new Mac App and iCloud syncing, you can now access all of your notes across all of your devices.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Notability on iPad
  • Typing
  • Drawing and Handwriting
  • Zoom
  • Working with Pages
  • Recording Audio & Notes
  • Adding External Media
  • Organization
  • Global Settings
  • Global Search
  • Notability on iPhone
  • Notability on Mac
  • Creating & Editing Notes
  • Exporting Notes
  • Misc Features

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Video Tutorial Comments

(3 comments posted)

Paul Turner

One thing not mentioned and has huge value to me is the fact that you can annotate and fill-in .PDF files with Notability. I create my own .PDF template forms and use them for work to catch a lot of data. I've also had forms sent to me that I've filled out and sent back without having to print them and it leaves me a copy of the completed form with the information I sent. I submit expense forms and vacation/time off requests, etc.

David Bennett

Very good run-through.

I bought Notability for Mac without knowing there was an iOs version. The only thing lacking for me is live links. I mentioned this to the designer and it's on the list for a future update.

Gray Hodge

Nice tutorial, especially on the structure of the notes, this app excels in that. My frustration, as one who does more drawing and diagrams, it that to draw a perfect shape,(circle, triangle etc) the “add figure” function opens a separate window and does a poor job of adding the shape compared to say, Noteshelf2.

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