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As part of our ongoing coverage of all the new iWork applications, this week I take a look at Numbers for the Mac.

Apple have re-written Numbers from scratch to add additional compatibility with the iOS version, and to allow you to share and collaborate on iCloud.

This first in a two part series, will take you through the basics of Numbers and give you a good understanding of some of its core features and capabilities.

[Note: The day before publication, Apple released Numbers v3.1 on the Mac as well as an updated iOS version. The new version does not impact on any of the elements covered in this video as it's mainly bug fixes and stabilities improvements, with just a couple of tweaks - I'll cover them next week]

Next week, I'll delve more deeply into formulas and functions as well as charts, sorting & filtering and more! Don't forget to check out the companion iOS episode SCOI0147 to take a look at Numbers on iOS.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Introduction to Numbers
  • Working with Files & Templates
  • Working with Sheets
  • Working with Tables
  • Working with Text
  • Working with Numbers
  • Working with AutoFill
  • Working with Dates
  • Working with Controls
  • Working with Formulas

Video Tutorial Comments

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LeeAnn Morse

Thanks for the trview. I came from an excel environment so this is different for me. But I was wondering if included in the next lesson if you will be covering linking spreadsheets or data from one cell to another cell. And also will their be links for data from an online application to a spreadsheet. Thanks by the way I just love your online tutorials.


James Craner

Hi LeeAnn it is possible to link data from separate tables or from other tabs in the same spreadsheet, but at this time Numbers does not support external links to other data sources, which also includes other Numbers spreadsheets. As Don suggests Numbers is not a power users spreadsheet, for that you really need Excel.

Hi LeeAnn, and thanks for the kind words. Probably not in the next episode but I may do an advanced Numbers episode when the next update comes out.

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