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One of the most requested apps this week, the premier personal productivity application - OmniFocus.

OmniFocus is a professional-grade personal task management solution which allows you to capture, organise and do all the many different personal and work related tasks and goals we pick up every day. OmniFocus becomes your "trusted" system allowing you to offload all the things you need to keep track of in a powerful, yet flexible application. Although inspired by the David Allen "Getting Things Done" methodology, OmniFocus is flexible enough to be used to fit in with many different types of productivity methodologies.

OmniFocus also includes comprehensive syncing capabilities using a variety of technologies including MobileMe, Bonjour and WebDav services allowing you to sync your tasks and goals across multiple macs. There is even a full iPhone/iPod touch OmniFocus client allowing you both sync and create new tasks and goals on the move.

This episode is all about OmniFocus Basics and covers:

  • OmniFocus Principles
  • Installation and UI
  • Capturing Information
  • Evaluating Tasks and Goals
  • Creating Projects
  • Smart Match
  • Single Action Lists
  • Quick Input Panel
  • Understanding Contexts
  • Task Availability & Project Folders
  • Working with Dates
  • Using Focus & the View Bar
  • Completing Actions & Projects

As there is so much to cover in OmniFocus, I'll be covering some advanced topics and the iPhone/iPod touch client in the next free episode of ScreenCastsOnline.

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