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This week's show features an iPad application recently launched to critical acclaim, and seen by many to be a ""must have"" application for the iPad. Some have even deemed the release of the application to be an equivalent of the PC's ""VisCalc"" moment!

The application is OmniFocus for iPad by The Omni Group. OmniFocus is a powerful task management application for the Mac, iPhone and now iPad. It can be utilised to support the ""Getting Things Done"" or GTD methodology, or you can use it to create your own system of task management.

The iPad version can be used as a standalone application, or you can use the robust Internet or LAN based syncing technologies for a completely integrated task management system across all your Apple devices.

OmniFocus for iPad has been designed from the ground up to work beautifully with the iPad. The standard Project and Context views have been re-designed and a brand new Forecast view has been introduced.

Forecast view allows you to see all your Actions scheduled on a daily basis for the next week and beyond. This makes it simple to assess your workload for the week, and even easier to re-schedule or re-arrange tasks to remove the overloaded days.

The iPad version of OmniFocus is also optimised for location - your can easily assign locations to contexts and view them on the large enhanced map view.

Another powerful feature of OmniFocus for iPad is not new but has been given a new lease of life, and that's the Review process. Often overlooked, the review process allows you to keep on top of all your projects and actions.

The new Review view makes this really easy on the iPad.

The show will take your through all these facets of OmniFocus and more. In detail the show covers:

  • OmniFocus Introduction
  • OmniFocus Inbox
  • Adding Information to Actions
  • Viewing & Organising Projects
  • Contexts in OmniFocus
  • Location Contexts
  • Forecast and Review Views
  • Review View
  • Inbox Tips, Safari, Syncing & Perspectives
  • Sending Actions via Email
  • Safari Bookmarklet
  • Syncing via MobileMe
  • Missing Perspectives?

This week's show is a full free show and has not been endorsed or sponsored by The Omni Group.

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