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Give structure and clarity to any task. OmniOutliner will help you to focus on the important things and not waste time on endless formatting, locating the notes from last week or remembering great ideas that seemed to be so tangible, yet just vanish the next day.

OmniOutliner assumes the job of collecting, organizing and structuring the information you provide, so that you can concentrate on the essence of your work. People from many various disciplines can benefit from this tool, helping them to be productive and organised.

Sync documents in the background with OmniPresence to bring your thoughts together without relying on iCloud; organize numbers or progress by date with Smart Columns; do searches; add media, such as images or videos in any part of your document; add notes to rows, which can expand and collapse at your convenience; theme a document and quickly change its look; set up customized templates for every scenario; apply advanced styles from existing templates or from scratch; edit your outlines with information from AppleScript; and once it is all done export the document to a variety of formats, including HTML and Word.

From to-do lists, expense tracking and event planning to brainstorming ideas, jotting down notes and writing your life's masterpiece, OmniOutliner will help you to collapse the background noise to show just the relevant rows, the ones that reflect what really matters.

In this final part of a two part series, Tim Stringer takes us through some of the more advanced features of OmniOutliner on the iPad, and demonstrates applying styles and formatting to your outlines. Tim also takes a look at syncing your outlines between your Macs and iPads using the free OmniPresence service.

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This final tutorial covers:

  • Styling Our OmniOutliner Document
  • Creating an OmniOutliner Template
  • Creating a Multi-Column Outline
  • Applying a Template Theme
  • Configuring OmniPresence Cloud Storage
  • Exporting from OmniOutliner

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