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The third and final update on the new features of El Capitan.

In this episode, I do a little catch up, take a look at the new Maps app, explore the changes in Disk Utility as well as a first look at the new Magic Touchpad 2 and the prevalence of Force Touch now available throughout El Capitan.

As mentioned in the show, I said I'd include a list of new content blockers for Safari using the new API. Here you go:





The full episode covers:

  • Catch Up
  • Content Blockers in Safari
  • Maps
  • Disk Utility
  • Find My Friends
  • Under The Hood
  • Force Press

Update - Thanks to Alix Martin for pointing out a slight correction in the catch up part of this episode. I mentioned a bug whereby El Capitan doesn't show the VIP emails once they are removed from the Inbox. It transpires that there is a filter option to select VIP emails to be displayed from all mailboxes or just the Inbox. It would appear that El Capitan resets this filter without warning. So it's sort of a bug, but one that can be easily fixed. Just select a VIP and click on the "Sort by" filter at the top of the column. Select "All Mailboxes" and all your VIP emails will again be displayed.

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What resolution is this tutorial recorded at? It seems really sharp even at full screen!


Hi John, It's at full HD resolution - 1920 x 1080 - glad you like it!

John Masters

Regarding Disk Utility and RAID, there is a way to use DU to create a RAID array. Reboot holding Cmd Opt R and when you open Disk Utility the RAID option is there.

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