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This week, it's time to take a look at some of the new features bolted on to existing apps by OS X Mavericks.

Calendar: Begone leather header and torn paper! OK, so they've cleaned up Calendar and given it a smart new fresh look, but the changes go considerably beyond that. New integration with Maps, as well as a clever way of dealing with travel time between appointments.

Safari 7: New Top Sites and a new Sidebar are just two of the cosmetic changes, along with some performance boosts under the hood. This segment also take a look at the changes to way Plug-ins are handled as well as the brand new website notifications.

Notifications Center: OS X Mavericks brings "Do Not Disturb" to the Mac as well as some other welcome tweaks. Reply to messages directly from an Alert and answer or delete emails too!

The full tutorial covers:

  • Calendar App
  • Integration with Maps
  • Misc Preferences
  • Safari 7
  • Top Sites
  • Sidebar - Bookmarks
  • Sidebar - Reading List
  • Sidebar - Shared Links
  • Internet Plugins
  • Website Push Notifications
  • Notifications Center

Video Tutorial Comments

(4 comments posted)

Oliver Penack

Great show, Don. Many useful things I didn't realize while using Mavericks. Pity you didn't explain a point that many people - including me - seem to have with calendar. When you set travel time to an appointment, it always shows "from work". How about travel from home? Would be great if you have a solution for this. Anyway, this was another great show for me.

Greetings from Germany


Hi Oliver. Thanks! I don't think there is a solution to that at the current release. However, if you only have a Home address I think it defaults to that.

Fred Dalzell

Don - still n 10.8 and noted that you indicated Safari 7 was also available for Mountain Lion. I can't find a link anywhere. I do have Safari 6.1 which was released about the same time. Possible type?



Hi Fred, My mistake - they have ported many of the new features across to Safari on 10.8 but have not renamed it Safari 7 on that platform.

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