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The final dedicated Mac show on OS X Mavericks.

This week I take a look at some of the new power management and power efficiency features in the new OS, the new support for Multiple Displays, along with the new Enhanced Dictation feature and some other useful hints and tips for using OS X Mavericks.

I'll continue to dip in and out of OS X Mavericks in the future but we've now covered most of the new and significant features in the last seven parts - time to move on!

The full tutorial covers:

  • Power Management
  • Activity Monitor
  • App Nap
  • Multiple Displays
  • Enhanced Dictation
  • App Store
  • Mavericks Quick Tips

Video Tutorial Comments

(6 comments posted)

Johannes van Beers

I am looking at the latest screencast now on my MacBook Pro, but the screenshots seem out of focus. Is this caused by my settings, or is this part of the show?


Hi Johannes, Are you looking at the screencasts at the correct resolution? There is nothing different with this week's show as far as I am aware.


Make sure that you are watching the 1280x720 version and not the low res version "blown up"

Johannes van Beers

This time I looked at the downloaded video, and that was fine. I don't know what I did the first time what caused the blurry view.

Richard Bruning

Nice show, Don (as always). I especially loved the little tips and tricks near the end. Or insights on Dictation, like editing while dictating. Sweet!
One comment, tho not especially relevant to this 'cast. When you are navigating amongst different windows, and different apps, i noticed that after moving a background window for better viewing in relation to the foreground window, you keep clicking back to the front window to re-active it. Instead, why not just hold down the Command key whilst selecting half-buried windows, which will leave the foreground window active, saving another click each time.
Learned that one quite a while back and happy to share.


Mark that down to "you learn something new every day" - That trick had escaped me but I'll be sure to use it. Thanks for sharing ;-)

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