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OSX Mavericks also brought with it a new version of OSX Server.

We've covered OSX Server extensively in the past, but I thought it would be a good idea if Todd Olthoff brought us up to speed with any changes or enhancements.

If you have a number of Macs and iOS devices in your home network, you may find the improvements to the Caching service interesting... I know I did!

The full tutorial covers:

  • Why Do I Need a Server?
  • Setting Up Your Server
  • Server Interface
  • Setting Up Network Users
  • File Sharing & Home Folders
  • Connecting to File Shares on a Mac
  • Connecting to File Shares on iOS Devices
  • Setting Up the Caching Service
  • Setting Up the Time Machine Service

Video Tutorial Comments

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Neil Christie

A bit disappointed with the chapter on caching, hardly more than a mention, it felt like and I did expect a bit more given that you specifically mentioned it. It has me a bit confused. How do people with different Apple IDs use the same apps, surely the downloaders Apple ID goes into the apps info so that only that Apple ID can use it, even for free apps, or was that not what was meant to be implied? Same with Mac apps and iBooks, can these all be shared around if downloaded with Server? What goes into the 'Other' section - podcasts?


Todd Olthoff

Neil, Thanks for the comment and so sorry I didn't cover all of your questions. Let's see if I can answer some of them here. There caching server basically puts a copy of the updates on your server so you don't have to download them again. In essence saving bandwidth. The downloading of apps, etc. still happens within the App Stores (both Mac & iOS). From those stores Apple determines your eligibility for receiving apps based on your Apple ID. Your Mac then looks for the update or download on your Server first. If it is there it downloads it from the server, if not it downloads it from Apple and your server saves a copy of it. As far as the Other section, I haven't had anything show up there yet but I believe it is things like podcasts. Hopefully that helps clear up the caching process a bit and thanks again for leaving this comment as it might be helpful to others as well.

Pal Anders Dramstad

Thanks Todd for a great recap on OS X Server. I will certainly go back to your previous tutorials again and like Don, I will set up a Mini for the caching service. Merry xmas to all at SCO


Todd Olthoff

Thanks Pal! Glad you enjoyed it. Merry Christmas to you as well:).

Karl Klemm

Thanks for this tutorial Todd. I watched your ML server tutorials when they came out and didn't see a compelling reason to get ti. After watching the update show I went ahead. $20 for the wireless Time Machine option is worth the price on it's own. I do have one question though. I keep hearing people make comments about putting server on an unused mini. I installed server on the mini we use as a media centre. Is that going to create problems? Also; do I have to keep server running (minimized to the dock) at all times or will it work even if the application is closed?

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