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Another highly requested application this week, and that's the award winning file browser & file management application for OSX, Path Finder 5.

Packed with features, Path Finder 5 allows you to customise your view of the Mac's file system with ease, exposing tons of information is easily configurable modules.

With Tabs and Bookmarks, it's possible to create shortcuts and groups of locations allowing you to quickly jump from folder to folder. Add in a fantastic dual pane option to see two completely independent locations at a time, and the time saving DropStack, Path Finder 5 really does give you all the control you need to manage your files.

As well as the core browsing and file management capabilities, Path Finder 5 also has lot's of built in utilities such as a fully featured text editor, an image editor, application launcher, the stuffit compression engine and much more.

The show covers:

  • Start
  • Installation
  • Path Finder User Interface
  • ToolBar
  • Customising Views
  • Smart Sorting
  • Coverflow
  • QuickLook Support
  • Dual Pane View
  • DropStack
  • SideBar
  • Bookmarks
  • Tabs
  • Path Navigator
  • Path Finder Modules
  • Path Finder Drawers
  • Using Path Finder 5
  • Using Filters
  • Using Selection
  • Application Launcher
  • Text Editor
  • Create Disk Images
  • Image Editor
  • Stuffit Compression Engine
  • Using as a Finder Replacement?
  • Wrap Up & Special Offer

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