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Path Finder is a file manager and potential Finder replacement.

Acknowledged as a heavy weight in the field of Mac utilities, its reputation is further enhanced with the introduction of Path Finder v7, and the inclusion of many new features.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Start
  • Installation & Setup
  • The Sidebar
  • View Options
  • The Shelves
  • Customizing the Toolbar
  • The Select Tool
  • The Favorites Bar
  • Smart Sorting
  • Dual Pane Browsing
  • The Drop Stack
  • Folder Sync
  • Renaming Files
  • Pathfinder as a Finder Replacement
  • Wrap Up

Video Tutorial Comments

(10 comments posted)

Dominique Provost

A very useful tip: is managing deletion trashcans per device...


Todd Olthoff

Great tip Dominique!

Ken Taylor

Wow! I just got Pathfinder 7 and this really helped me to get more comfortable with using the program. I wish there could be a Part 2!


Ken Taylor

Sorry to post again, I forgot to ask, "When you move the "Finder" off the dock, how do you get it back on again in the event that you want to go back to using the Finder?"


Todd Olthoff

Hi Ken! Glad you enjoyed the screencast! To get the finder back you can either restart your Mac or you can launch it from System/Library/Core Services. In there you will find the Finder App. You could also just use a tool like spotlight or Alfred to search for it and launch it. Hope that helps:).


Ken Taylor

Hi Todd, Hey, thank you for explaining how to ge the finder back. Just one more request. Could you please consider a Part 2? It's custom to show thanks and appreciation here where I live with a bow... m(_ _)m

James S

Yes a part 2 with new and interesting deeper older features would be welcomed. Most of this is well known older stuff.

Some things in PF, like permissions et al, I've always wondered how one could make use of. Mainly because last time I checked, there isn't much of a user guide for PF from the developer.

Vijay Kumar Sharma

I just can't see the video after 08:10min while continue to hear the audio. Has anybody else experienced the same issue.

Tony Criswell

Path Finder 8 has been released. Is there any point in doing a new tutorial or and update?


Don McAllister

Hi Tony, It's certainly worth taking a look and seeing what has changed. Leave it with us.

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