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Plex is a complete solution for local and online media.

In this show I take you through some of the more advanced configuration options of the Plex Media Server as well as looking at the optional PlexConnect installation on your Mac. PlexConnect allows you to access your Plex Media Server from your Apple TV , without jailbraking your Apple TV.

Disclaimer: Apple can stop PlexConnect from working at any time, so there are no guarantees that is will work, even on the day this issue is published.

The full tutorial covers:

  • PMS Configuration
  • Adding Additional Content To Library
  • Modifying MetaData
  • Syncing To Remote Devices
  • Filtering & Working On Multiple Files
  • Creating Additional Library Sections
  • Sharing Media With MyPlex
  • Setting Up Channels
  • PlexConnect

Video Tutorial Comments

(4 comments posted)

Colin Croft

Great show really enjoyed it. However, what happens if your library is in iTunes on an external drive that's about 3TB in size. Can both share the same library?

Christopher Beatty

Your URL displayed at 42:59 reads and it should be
The full URL for those looking should be:

Pedro Llobell

Just trying to install plex connect on my ATV but I find 2 problems:
1- Apple Configurator sees my ATV in the "Prepare" icon but, when I press "install profile" doesn't seem to see it.
2-I don't find the Settings.cfg file in my github download
Con someone help me?

Ed McCartney

Have just set up Plex per the show and have concluded its a very quirky product. In way brilliant in the way it presents the library and metadata associated with items in the library. In other ways things either don't seem to work ("unable to sync..there is no root object available for this item"). Not sure what that means...seems to be programer talk...and no one in the Plex chat forum seems to know either. Also, I get other "can't sync messages only to find out a few minutes later that the item is syncing after all. And the whole "My Plex" "Plex Pass" thing seems clumsy. So brilliant and yet so frustrating....

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