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Two parts to this week's tutorial - PopClip and iCloud Web Apps.

PopClip is a brilliant utility that mimics the popup that appears when you select text in iOS, but on your Mac. As well as allowing you to copy and paste, it now also allows you to install extension to do all sorts of things with the selected text.

I take a look at the basic operation of PopClip as well as exploring some of the more useful extensions such as integration with Sticky Notifications and Google Translate

iCloud Web Apps are just like the standard apps you find on your Mac and iOS device - but on the web! Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Find My Phone and iWork have now been joined by Notes and Reminders. So now even if you're away from your Mac or iOS device, as long as you have an internet connection and a standards compliant browser, you can access your data from anywhere. As well as taking a brief look at all of the apps, I also point out some tasks that can only be performed from the Web Apps.

This full tutorial includes sections on:

  • PopClip
  • iCloud Web Apps
  • Mail Web App
  • Contacts Web App
  • Calendar Web App
  • Notes Web App
  • Reminders Web App
  • Find My Phone
  • iWork Web App

Video Tutorial Comments

(3 comments posted)

Colin Croft

PopClip - It's now possible to paste an email address into the To: field in Mail - Yea!

Nicholas Barnes

Very interesting and useful. I've used PopClip but was not aware of its expandability! Loving it more no!

Colin Campbell

PopClip is a brilliant little app, and as at 14/1/2012 it's down to £1.49 so get in quickly.

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