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OSX Lion isn't just an Operating System, it's a platform packed with lot's of utilities and applications you might have to buy separately with other platforms.

This week's show takes a look at three such utilities:

Preview - OS X has always had terrific support for PDFs and images built right into the OS, but in addition to this, Apple provide Preview for viewing and annotating your PDFs and images. As well as some UI improvements, Preview has been fully "Lionised" with support for Full Screen View, Auto-Save, Versions, etc. In addition, it contains some great new features including the "Magnifier" as well as a rather neat new way of capturing and using digital signatures.

Address Book - Your Contacts Manager has had a complete face lift! Some new views and now it includes the ability to use &"Faces" from iPhoto or Aperture to populate the images in your Address Book, as well as adding in some overdue support for Social Networking profiles.

iCal - If you think Address Book has had a face lift, wait until you see iCal! A radical change (perhaps not to everybody's taste), iCal takes skeuomorphism to the next level, by faithfully recreating a desktop calendar or day planner. (Heck. it even has torn out bits of paper stuck in the binder). With support for Quick Entry tasks and a new Year View with & "heat gauge", this section explores some of the new features. As referred to in the tutorial, if you want to remove the leather (and those pesky bits of paper).

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